Frequently Asked Questions

» General Questions

Q: Is this an insurance plan?
A: No, this is not an insurance plan. Our discount plans provide you with discounted prices on a wide range of health care services and products; you will pay for services at the discounted price when services are received.

Q: How does the discount plan work?
A: Saving money on health care expenses is easy. First, you can find participating providers by using the “Provider Search” page on the Web site ( After confirming the provider’s continued participation when making an appointment, members just show their membership card at the time of service. Members are responsible for paying all fees directly to the provider.

Q: Can I include dependents on my plan?
A: Yes, one of the wonderful features of our discount plans is that your immediate family can receive the discounts, even children living at college!

Q: Can I use my membership when I travel away from home?
A: Yes, your membership can be used at any participating provider in the United States.

» Doctors by Phone Questions

Q: Do I talk to real doctors?
A: Yes. Telehealth members only talk to actual doctors who are U.S. board-certified internists, state-licensed family practitioners, and pediatricians licensed to practice medicine in the U.S. and living in the U.S.  When you request a consult, Telehealth will connect you with a doctor licensed in your state.

Q: What are some of the common conditions Telehealth treats?
A: Common conditions include sinus problems, respiratory infections, allergies, urinary tract infections, cold and flu symptoms, bronchitis and pink yeye and many other non-emergency illnesses.

Q: Can Telehealth handle my emergency situations?
A: Telehealth is designed to handle non-emergent medical problems.  You should NOT use it if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

Q: Can I speak with a specialist?
A: You cannot request to speak with a specialist directly, but our doctors may be able to provide guidance on the type of specialist you should see.

Q: Can I request a particular doctor?
A: You cannot request a particular doctor.  Telehealth is designed to support your relationship with your existing doctor.  It is not a means of establishing an exclusive relationship with one of our doctors.  Please know that all Telehealth doctors are highly qualified and go through rigorous training and credentialing.  Our Telehealth provider has largest physician network of any telehealth provider with board-certified, state-licensed doctors.

Q: Can I get a prescription?
A: Telehealth does not guarantee prescriptions.  It is up to the doctor to recommend the best treatment.  Telehealth doctors do not issue prescriptions for substances controlled by the DEA, non-therapeutic, and/or certain other drugs which may be harmful because of their potential for abuse.  These include, but are not limited to, antidepressant drugs such as Cymbalta, Prozac and Zoloft which are drugs that are harmful due to their potential for abuse.  Also, non-therapeutic drugs such as Viagra and Cialis are not prescribed by Telehealth doctors.

Q: Is my electronic health record kept private?
A: Health records are kept totally private and the service employs robust encryption methods to protect your personal information.  You determine who can see the information in your record.

» Vision Questions

Q: What is the vision benefit?  Does it include eye exams?  Does it include contact lenses?
A: The vision benefit offers 10% to 60% discounts on eyewear and eye care at more than 12,000 optical locations throughout the United States.  Providers include national optical chains such as LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Visionworks, JCPenney, and Sears as well as regional chains and thousand of independent practitioners.  Save 20% to 60% on prescription eyewear and 40% to 50% off the national average on LASIK surgery.

On average, members receive a 20% discount on replacement contact lenses at retail locations.  Members may elect to use the mail order service to purchase replacement contact lenses (including disposables) at a 10% to 40% discount.

Q: Is Coast to Coast Vison (CTC) discount insurance?
A: NO, CTC is a discount eyewear and eyecare program and is not insurance. There is no paperwork.  The participating retail optical locations will give the discount at the time of purchase.

Q: Can members use CTC if they already have vision insurance?
A: Yes.  In most cases CTC can be utilized to reduce out of pocket expenses.  For example, once the insurance benefit has been exhausted, members may use their discount to buy additional pairs of glasses or contacts.

Q: What is included with CTC membership?
A: Save 10% to 20% on contact lenses (excluding disposables) at participating retail locations and 10% to 40% on soft contact lenses, including disposables, through America’s Eyewear mail order service.

» Dental Questions

Q: How does the dental plan work?
A: Participating dental providers are listed in the membership fulfillment kit; members may also call the toll-free number located on the back of the membership card Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time. When calling to schedule an appointment the member should identify him/herself as a member of the Aetna Dental Access® program. To receive the discount the member must present the membership card and pay the total discounted bill at the time of service.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of times the card can be used?
A: No. Members and their families may take advantage of the savings any time throughout the year. Members may also change dentists within the network whenever they choose.

Q: May this discount be combined with dental insurance?
A: In some cases, members may use both. If your insurance company allows you to submit claims after service, simply visit a participating dental provider, pay the discounted bill and submit the bill and claim to the insurance company. The net out-of-pocket cost will be lower because the insurance company would reimburse the member the percentage of the reduced bill as defined in their insured plan. If your insurance company does not allow the policyholder to submit claims, the discount dental can only be used for services not paid for by the insurance such as cosmetic dentistry or services after your annual maximum has been met.

Q: Is there someone that can answer questions about the card and services offered?
A: Yes. Simply call the toll-free number located on the back of the membership card Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Central and Saturday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Central. A member services representative is standing by to answer any questions.

Q: What if a member's dentist is not a participating provider?
A: Simply call the toll-free number on the membership card and give the member services representative the doctor's name, address, phone number and specialty. We then contact the doctor about becoming a provider.

Q: What doctors can I go to?
A: You can find participating providers for the discount plan by visiting the “Provider Search” Web page GBR Dental or calling the member services number located on the back of the membership card.

» Hearing Questions

Q: What is the hearing care benefit?
A: Through Beltone, members will receive a 15% discount and a free hearing screening at over 1,500 Beltone locations throughout the US.

Q: How many times per year may I use my hearing discount?
A: There is no limit on the number of times you may use your discount card for any benefit.

Q: Will my spouse use the same membership card?
A: Yes. One membership includes you, your spouse, and your legal dependents.

Q: Is the discount the same at all Beltone locations?
A: Yes. All Beltone locations will offer a 15% discount and a free hearing screening.

Q: Will I have a selection of hearing aids from which to choose?
A: Beltone offers 70 models of hearing devices through 1,500 Beltone locations.

» NurseLine™ Questions

Q: What is NurseLine™?
A: Registered Nurses and trained professionals are available around the clock to assist you with making healthcare decisions. If you have an urgent (but non-emergency) medical situation and need professional help, simply call. The nurse will speak with you about your symptoms and direct you to the appropriate treatment. No question is too minor, no concern too small.

Q: Can I rely on the medical advice?
A: Registered Nurses provide you with the best health information available. They use the medical protocols developed by Healthwise, one of the most trusted sources of health information and have given reliable medical guidance to millions of Americans.

Q: Can I call about family members?
A: The nurse advice line benefit may be used by you, your spouse and your children.