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Get Benefit Relief was established to help individuals and families with or without traditional health insurance coverage save money. We do this by providing members access to a national network with hundreds of thousands of providers saving you 10% to 85% on both non-medical and medical related services.

Our discount benefit programs were developed for the sole purpose of helping families and individuals trapped in the healthcare dilemma. We provide only first-class products and services including Dental, Vision, Prescription discounts, Telehealth, Medical Bill Saver™, NurseLine™, Health Advocacy, Hearing Aids, and Vitamins.

At Get Benefit Relief, we take pride in our complete line of products and services. Join us by choosing the discount benefit package that is right for you and start saving today!

GBR Dental*

$9.95 per family/month

GBR Vision

$9.95 per family/month

GBR Select*

$15.95 per family/month

GBR Plus*

$24.95 per family/month

and Groups


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