How much can I save?

A typical example of the kind of savings a family of four can expect with the Plus plan.

Doctors by Phone

The family has high deductible health insurance.  Last year they had 9 doctor visits but 6 of those were handled on the phone. 2 calls with the flu, 1 with bronchitis, 1 with a stomach ache and 2 ear infections saving 4 doctors visits, 1 urgent care and 1 ER visit.



One family member's monthly drug changed to “non-formulary” and the price increased to $62. Using the savings card reduced the price to $26, saving $36/month.


Dental Care

Three family members do not have dental insurance. Using the savings card, they saved on cleanings and an oral exam for each, and saved 30% on a crown.


Vision Care

The family needed two pair of glasses. The cost with the card was reduced from $554 to $311.


*This is an illustration of savings and does not represent an actual member experience. Savings may vary by provider, service and geographical location.